Jakolien Sok

Founder at Jakolien Sok

  • Profitable Planning
  • Growth Mindset
  • Female Entrepreneurs Mentoring
  • Digital Marketing
  • Client Attraction
  • Productivity

Expert Credentials

15 years of experience as a Business & Accountability Coach for Female Entrepreneurs worldwide | Certified Profilor® (PDI Ninth House in London, UK) | Certified Motivational Analyses Consultant & Certified Behavioural Analyst at TTI Success Insights, USA) | digital marketing expert and trainer (offline + online), Experienced speaker offline and online.


Jakolien Sok is a Business & Accountability Coach for female entrepreneurs who have big goals but get stuck in growing their business because of not having a clear profit plan laying out what steps to take next, and who have and mindset issues causing them to not taking action and stay stuck! In working with female entrepreneurs 1-2-1, in online group programs and in her online courses, Jakolien focuses on increasing profit s with actionable planning, productivity, and growth mindset. Her superpower is turning overwhelm, into a clear path with focus and a plan to take action to achieve set goals!

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