Jabeen Quadir

Founder, Strategic Advisor at Sustainability Edge Solutions

  • Sustainable Business
  • Personal Development
  • Social Impact Entrepreneurs
  • Health & Fitness
  • Feminine Leaders

Expert Credentials

Chemical Engineer Certified ExO Coach, Consultant, Ambassador Currently completing Transformational Coaching for Women


Jabeen Quadir is the founder of Sustainability Edge Solutions. She is a Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in strategic, management and technical functions with various organizations in diverse industry sectors. Her industry sector background includes industrial chemicals, advanced manufacturing, pulp and paper, plastics injection molding and construction standards. She has a diverse background in strategic planning, organizational development, stakeholder engagement, change management, operations, management systems, sustainability standards and program development. She is passionate about sustainability and exponential technologies and has worked with industry leaders to develop accredited programs and service offerings, including Sustainable Procurement & Supply and Environmental Claims & Marketing programs that are built on Product Life Cycle Management and Integrated Sustainability Management Systems.

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