Ian Edwards

CEO at Cape Cod Center for Sustainability

  • sustainability
  • collaboration
  • art-science
  • conferences
  • environment
  • regeneration
  • natural capital
  • TEDx
  • art
  • science
  • nonprofits
  • public relations
  • communications

Expert Credentials

Sustainability consultant, nonprofit CEO, MBA, conference producer, journalist, writer, speaker, fan of big ideas


A journalist and sustainability consultant working for brands like IKEA and the UN, Ian Edwards is now CEO of Cape Cod Center for Sustainability and is founder/producer of its two signature programs: Broto: Art-Climate-Science, which is a unique art-science climate collaboration conference, and TEDxProvincetown, a TED licensed event. He speaks on the synthesis of art and science that addresses the climate crisis, regeneration of nature as a corporate and sustainability strategy, and future-casting a world made sustainability.