Foti Panagiotakopoulos

Founder at GrowthMentor

Expert Credentials

Not sure what credentials are relevant, but I've been in running growth and product since 2007. Currently founder of a rapidly growing platform called GrowthMentor.


I'm a full stack marketer with over a decade experience in growth marketing with a unique overlap into the world of InfraOps. 

 Some of the things that I do:

 ➡️ Product/brand positioning 

 ➡️ PPC; campaign architecture 

➡️ SEO; Offsite and onsite 

➡️ Content marketing; topic ideation, copywriting
➡️ Brand voice, messaging, relationship building

 ➡️ Marketing automation

 ➡️ System administration / InfraOps Currently working on The idea for Growthmentor came from my own personal struggle of being in a high-pressure head of growth role at EuroVPS. Growth is tough, and sometimes, you just want to talk to someone.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
  • Podcast Guests
  • Training