Erika Jose

Founder at Privat Lux Limited

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Expert Credentials

Entrepreneurship 101 Certificate issued by MaRS (University of Toronto), former Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Startupbootcamp Commerce 2019 program.


My name is Erika Jose. I'm an experienced founder and early-stage startup adviser. I work with founders, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to transform their businesses so they gain from my experience, skill-sets and connections. My experiences include working with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam (HQ) as Entrepreneur-in- Residence for their Commerce 2019 program. There, I worked hands on with 4 of the 12 startups. Since then, I've continued working with 3 startups as Adviser/Consultant on various key areas such as business development, investor relations, and fundraising. I'm passionate about helping founders make smart, focused, and informed decisions. You can ask me about: Venture Capital, Early-Stage Ventures, Startups, FinTechs, RegTechs, Business Development, Fundraising, Recruitment, Data Analytics, Profit/Loss Statements, Risk Analysis, Market Analysis, Customer Development, ROI/ROE Analysis, Financial Analysis, Data Research, Data Science, Risk Modelling, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Distribution, Portfolio Balancing, Institutional Investments, Private Investments, Family Offices, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Venture Capital, Accredited Investors, Business Angels, Fundraising Platforms, Crowdfunding Platforms, Startup Accelerators, Startup Incubators, Startup Funding.

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