Emi Valerio

Founder/CEO at She Commands

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Emi has been featured on the Huffington Post, New York Times, Bronx Times and has spoken on countless stages supporting women to maximize, monetize, and magnify their message so they can attract and serve their dream client.


Emi Valerio is an author, speaker, success coach, and founder of She Commands, LLC. Holding a Masters in Counseling and a Certification in Theology and Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary, Emi’s mission is to educate, encourage, and equip women of faith to take hold of God’s promise so they will NEVER compromise their integrity for earthly gain and power. Emi is passionate about helping women take all of their wildest dreams and making them a reality by giving them tools needed to increase their confidence and show up as the online expert so they can profit from their purpose. Growing up as the SHYEST girl in the classroom, Emi would often daydreaming to escape from her reality. As an adult Emi continued to dream but never pictured the possibility of her dreams manifesting into her reality. In 2015, God placed She Commands over Emi’s heart. For two years Emi held back her business because she was consumed in self-doubt, comparison, overwhelm, confusion, perfection/procrastination, guilt, shame and other nonsense. Although Emi knew that God has given her the authority to help other women achieve success and deliver them from their self-limiting beliefs, Emi found all the excuses possible to make herself feel small when, God had called her to SHINE. For these reasons is why Emi is equipped to help you to go from unseen to UNSTOPPABLE. Emi will help you dig deep, get unstuck and move forward. Through her coaching programs Emi will help you shatter your old mindset and eliminate obstacles that are holding you back so you can emerge as the REAL AUTHENTIC YOU! The you that exudes confidence, clarity about your purpose, ready to use your message to make your lifestyle, income and career desires REAL.

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