Elaine Bennett

Business Storyteller at Bennett Ink, LLC

Expert Credentials

In podcast land, I've been voted "audience favorite" for my interviews. I'm funny, engaging, and I offer lots of great advice and inspiration. I've written for a variety of high-level executives, including Warren Buffett, who praised me saying, “You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing.” (My ex always found that kind of amusing, since I'm a lesbian.)


An award-winning speechwriter, Elaine Bennett helps leading corporate executives tell their stories memorably. She also teaches writing and storytelling skills to entrepreneurs and others who want to become leaders. A firm believer in the benefits of writing every day, Elaine runs challenges to help people start their own writing practice. Elaine's longest writing streak (so far) is 953 days. A longtime baseball fan, she roots for the Mets but named her dog Fenway.

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