Eden Tadesse

Founder and CEO at Invicta

  • women
  • empowerment
  • Business
  • IT & Software Development
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Marketing
  • NGO
  • CSR
  • remote work
  • leadership
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  • blogging
  • mindfulness

Expert Credentials

Award-Winning Journalist, Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, Speaker, Multipotentialite


Eden is part of the new wave of young, ambitious tech founders rising from the African continent. Born and raised in Ethiopia, she is a human rights activist, award-winning journalist, creative, CEO and Founder of Invicta. As a proud non-conformist, she strives to empower youth to cultivate their skills, develop success habits and unlock their inner potential. Eden is passionate about leveraging innovation, diversity and leadership to create sustainable solutions. Her professional experience spans across cybersecurity, social innovation, sustainable development, education, marketing, software engineering and business development. Eden is currently a Fellow at Stanford University. In her spare time she enjoys drumming, volunteering, traveling and playing foosball.

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