Dorothy Travis

Self-Publishing Project Manager at Concept To Content

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3 Time Published Author Assisted over 300 leaders to become self-published authors Board Certified Executive Coach Extensive Project Management Skills Louisiana Notary Public Chief Inspiration Officer


Dorothy S. Travis, The Architect of High Achievement, is a dynamic author, an executive coach, and entrepreneur who’s on a mission to equip, enrich, and empower one million women to “Level Up” in the business arena. She is passionate about serving others through her purpose and genuine love of seeing others succeed. Being a three-time published author of the acclaimed compilation The MLM Book-Women’s Edition, Multiple Streams of Income-2nd Edition, and her latest book Next Level—5 Simple Truths for Getting the Success You Desire has positioned her as a highly sought after author and expert for women in business. Dorothy is committed to educating others on the value of writing and leveraging books for additional income streams. As a Board Certified Executive Coach through Atiras International Coaching Academy, Dorothy helps high achieving women to dominate their “next level” of success! She firmly believes that every woman has a seed of entrepreneurship within that can be developed and leveraged to accomplish their goals, now! With over a decade of entrepreneurial success, Dorothy has firmly established her position in the marketplace with a diverse business portfolio including D & B Abstracts, LLC—a six-figure home based real estate abstracting firm and Concept To Content - a self-publishing project management agency. Through her experience, knowledge, and professional development, Dorothy is well on her way to serving, leading, and helping others to achieve their next level of success!

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