Dina Eisenberg

Outsourcing Queen | Organizational Ombuds at Outsource Easier

  • conflict management
  • delegation
  • culture/fit
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development

Expert Credentials

Lawyer | Ombuds | Hiring & Onboarding Expert | Creator, Delegation Made Simple |former Corporate Ombudsman for a global financial institution. Collaboration, communication, and emotional intelligence are the essential skills necessary to address the enormous challenges ahead for businesses. Yet, where do you go to get that training? I provide thoughtful, interactive, virtual programming that makes learning about these soft skills fun and actionable so there is lasting change. Signature talks: Super Free: 3 Things to Delegate Right Now Outsourcing is Self-Care The Right Stuff: Go from Hiring Plan to Awesome Team in 30 Days From Terror to Terrific: How to Transform Difficult Employees Why Successful Entrepreneurs Know about Ombuds that you Don't


Dina Eisenberg is an award-winning entrepreneur and business coach who is on a mission to make life easier (& more fun) for business leaders, especially lawyers. With her infectious positive attitude and practical wisdom, Dina inspires you to #beintentional about your life and work.

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