Derric Haynie

Chief Ecommerce Technologist at

Expert Credentials

Ex-high stakes poker professional for 10 years. Author, Coach, Columnist. Started a tech company to transition into business. Ran a digital marketing agency for 4 years. Worked in house at a beauty box subscription brand, bringing digital advertising from $0 to $300k/month. Worked in-house at a Ecommerce helpdesk provider aligning lifecycle journey and creating new benchmarks for the industry by releasing never before seen industry reports. Currently running to connect Ecommerce stores with Ecommerce tech providers.


Derric Haynie is the Chief Ecommerce Technologist at – Where Ecommerce stores go to research, discover, and buy the right tools to grow their store. Derric is on a mission to do a demo a day until he’s researched every tool in the Shopify app ecosystem. When he’s not doing that, you can find him speaking, networking, or grabbing a drink at any of your favorite Ecommerce events.

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