Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark

CEO and Founder at Influence Builder LLC

  • digital marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Linkedin marketing
  • Livestreaming
  • Lead Generation
  • Funnels
  • Conversions
  • Metrics
  • Analytics

Expert Credentials

13+ years of experience in digital marketing and copywriting

Outcomes for Clients:

80% of Danielle’s clients increase their bottom line by 100% within 8-weeks of working with her.
Danielle’s clients build out online marketing platforms and drive massive amounts of new clients utilizing social media marketing and attraction marketing tactics.
With Danielle’s $5k in a day program, her 2019-2020 client’s have now booked out an additional $550k in cashflow utilizing simple campaigns and marketing strategies.
Clients on average increase their lead generation tactics by 250% and bring in 2-5 hot leads per day (and in some cases 20 hot leads per day).
Danielle helps her client’s create and implement high converting lead magnets, website assets, sales pages, and funnels to support a predictable outcome model.
On average, Danielle’s client’s optin and sales pages convert at 75-80% (industry high is 25%) and their funnels convert on average of 65-75% (industry high is 15%)

Clarity around ideal client
Clarity around product offerings
Creation of marketing ecosystems that create a flow in the customer journey


Danielle is an international best-selling author, speaker and CEO of Influence Builder and Entrepreneur City Live events. Influencers and mission-based entrepreneurs hire her to show them how to disrupt their niche, create impact, influence and powerful online platforms and multiple income streams in their business. Her client's reach multiple 6 and 7-figure business income levels, quickly and effectively, avoiding dead ends, massive gaps, and instead building strong foundations, online communities, and lasting results for both them and those they serve.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
  • Podcast Guests
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