Damian Thompson

Founder at Salesability

Expert Credentials

Damian is the Founder & Chief Training Officer of Salesability and the Cofounder of LeadFuze. He's led sales teams in a dozen countries, coaching business owners and sales professionals to more than half a Billion dollars in new sales.


Sales is the most important skill for an entrepreneur. But the one they least want to learn. ANYBODY who has shown the courage to start a business has the “Ability to Sell” you simply need to learn the systems, methods, and philosophy of sales success. That's where Salesability comes in. I consistently help companies increase their win rate by 50% or more while shortening the time it takes to close deals in half. How big a change would that make to your business and your life? I work with Founders to create the strategic sales approach (systems, processes, skills) your unique market requires and "level up” your sales talents & techniques while developing the behaviors, attitude, & expertise of a championship sales organization.

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