Crystal Rose

Executive Director of Academic Affairs at OZY Media

Expert Credentials

MD., Ph.D. (Medical, Research, Oncology, Academia, College Prep, Future of Work, Future of Education, Future of Learning, Bridging Divides, Examining Commonalities, Design Thinking, Mentorship, Career Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Developing and Retaining Talent, HR and more).


Dr. Crystal Rose, MD, PhD is the driving force behind OZY’s rocket-launch into the EDU world. OZY is a 4 year old multi-media company with a platform of 50M readers, viewers and listeners as well as free resources: $10,000 scholarships, paid internships and curricula. Now on a world-wide virtual tour examining the future of knowledge in education spaces around the nation. Seeking to instill new guidelines to elevate news journalism, Dr. Crystal Rose works to make OZY a shining beacon in an era where academic discourse and current events should be two sides of the same coin. Since completing her M.D./PhD at University of Heidelberg and Harvard, she has worked with universities globally. She is also Co-Lead for Harvard Alumni for Education in Cambridge, Mentor for Harvard Women in Business and a Board Member for Collaboration For Talent, utilizing diversity and inclusion to help change-makers and social entrepreneurs maximize their full potential. She is a founding member of Future Capital, a group helping to shape the flow of capital and create a future which supports all people; while supporting the SDGs. Before joining OZY, Dr. Rose was part of an educational coalition that worked with Yale, Harvard and Stanford graduate students in medicine, law, business and engineering to identify sustainable solutions (health services, clean water, etc.) for distressed regions of Brazil, South Africa and beyond. Now, as OZY’s Executive Director of Academic Affairs, she continues to collaborate with schools, universities and education companies — all in an effort to bring the real world into the classroom.

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