Cindy Miller

CEO at Cindy Miller, Inc

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Personal Development

Expert Credentials

Cindy Miller is a former LPGA Tour Player, National LPGA Teacher of the Year and current member of The Legends Tour of the LPGA. She has recently been named one of the top 50 Women Teachers in the world! She has reached the highest levels of both playing and teaching the hardest game in the world. As a Certified Behavior, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence Professional, she uses her lifetime of competitive experiences to teach individuals, teams, and corporations how to unlock potential and create solutions for improved performance.


Cindy Miller has been teaching people to get, do, and be better for decades. She is uniquely qualified to teach individuals, teams, and corporations how to detect, discern, and discover why they fail; to identify the issues and implement a plan for improved performance.