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Founder at Testing Ground

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Expert Credentials

Bryan is a fervent evangelist of Lean Startup. He has organised Singapore Lean Startup Circle, Lean Startup Machine and many other lean startup workshops across Asia. He has mentored hundreds of team at numerous startup events including Startup Weekend and Founders Institute. He has helped employees from Citi, Aviva, P&G, OCBC, SPH and other companies to experience Lean Startup hands-on. He has taught students from HyperIsland, NUS, Temasek Polytechnic, and NTU and invited to speak on Lean Startup all across 10 cities in Asia from Indonesia to Bangladesh. Reach out to me if you like me to share on: 1) Testing your business idea across Asia quickly 2) Understanding the different customer segments in Asia 3) Reaching out to your Asian customers online 4) Applying Lean Startup to an overseas expansion 5) Getting your team to work with remote workers


Bryan Long is founder of Testing Ground, a Testing-as-a-Service platform that helps companies and startups test out their innovation ideas and products across South East Asia within 48 hours. He was previously the co-founder of Stacck, a SaaS startup, which counts Eduardo Saverin, Co-founder of Facebook, as one of its investors, and which he sold recently. After his scholarship with the Singapore Government ended, he went into working on his business ideas. His first startup was a spectacular failure that cost him a huge sum. He did everything that his Engineering, MBA and Law education taught him but it turned out they weren't suitable for start-ups. After that experience, he was determined to find a less risky method of starting new business ideas. He chanced upon the Lean Startup methodology and was converted to it. He implemented it to test out a startup idea at only a fraction of the cost of his first startup which turned out to have no customer traction in Singapore. Because of doing things Lean Startup way, Bryan averted the waste in time, effort and money if he had done things like his first startup. He now helps companies and entrepreneurs test their innovation projects/startup in the fastest and least effort possible.

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