Bridget Greenwood

Founder at The Bigger Pie

  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • DLT
  • Web 3
  • DEI
  • Gender Inclusion
  • DeFi

Expert Credentials

I've run a number of businesses, and came into the blockchain world in 2017 through a start-up which is now BCB Group. Previous to that I was an Independent Financial Adviser.

We've helped hundreds of women to enter/progress their careers in blockchain and are now working on a number of programmes to amplify this. These include Zero to CTO, Zero to CMO, Women on Boards and female founder programmes.

Our hard work is award-winning and we're keen to share more and learn more.


As the founder of Bigger Pie, Bridget Greenwood works to support women in blockchain and emerging tech. Highlighting that women represent less than 10% of those in sector, the organisation aims to shine a spotlight on the women pioneering #WomenInBlockchain. She also joined forces with Dr. Amber Ghaddar to co-found The 200Bn Club, an initiative helping female-led start-ups match with investors.

Available For

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