Brennan McEachran

CEO / Co-founder at SoapBox

Expert Credentials

10 year startup exec. Raised multiple rounds of funding. All HR Tech. Obsessed over how to enable 1,000,000 employees via tech. 5⭐️ Podcast host. Multiple time featured author on major publications.


Co-founder/CEO of SoapBox What is SoapBox? 70% of the reason employees show up and try is because of their manager. Yet, the average manager goes 10 years into people leadership without any training, repeating the same mistakes that every previous manager has already made. Leading to disengaged teams, lost productivity, and missed goals. SoapBox is the first employee engagement platform built for managers, to make their day-to-day work more productive, calm, and focused, by giving them the habits of the best. Through one-on-ones, team meetings, and broader company-wide discussions SoapBox not only helps managers lead their team, but also transforms your company into a high performing business. SoapBox's paid offering enables managers at Amazon, Netflix, Intercom, Gitlab, and countless more.

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