Bob Kiser

Founder at Bob Kiser Coaching

  • Conflict resolution
  • Authenticity
  • Personal Development
  • Coaching
  • motivational
  • forgiveness

Expert Credentials

Author of "Create the Life of Your Dreams" and International Speaker


Bob Kiser is a successful speaker, coach, mediator and author of "Create the Life of Your Dreams." He also is the host of the hit radio program, "Perfect Detours" on WGHC 98.3 FM Chicago. His mission is to help individuals address their fears so as to embody who they really want to be. This gentle process creates sustainable change by building a strong foundation on the client’s own strengths and uniqueness. Whether working with an individual, couple or corporation, Bob’s clients end their time with him feeling empowered. Bob has been a speaker for a variety of national and international audiences. He is known for his highly interactive presentations that leave audiences charged and motivated. He also conducts workshops for smaller groups on more specific obstacles. Motivation, fear-busting and conflict resolution are just a few of his most popular topics. Having been an actor, Bob is completely comfortable speaking to large groups or appearing in front of the camera.