Beth Larsen

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Certified High Performance Coach™ Happy for No Reason® Trainer Emotion Code™ Practitioner Higher Brain Living® Facilitator


Beth Larsen is a High Performance and Happiness Coach who helps professional women find balance, purpose, and happiness while amplifying their income and success. After a 20 year career in the retail industry managing sales teams, sales leaders and as a VP of Sales, Beth saw—and experienced--firsthand the challenges that many successful women face balancing their career with their health, relationships, and happiness. She uses the latest in High-Performance strategies, positive psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and energy medicine to help her clients have MORE: More Joy, More Energy, More Passion, More Connection and More Meaning. Beth has a BA in Psychology from Miami University and holds certifications as a Certified High-Performance Coach™, a Happy for No Reason® Trainer, Emotion Code™ Practitioner and Higher Brain Living® Facilitator.

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