Avery Breyer

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Multiple best-selling author, freelance writer, and real estate investor


Avery Breyer is a multiple best-selling author, freelance writer, and real estate investor. She is passionate about helping people take control of their money and create the life they want! 
She’s been seen in Woman's World and Essence magazines, on live radio, and other media outlets. Her books will help you change your financial life for the better with easy techniques anyone can implement, starting now. You'll get the motivation, money tips, and action plans you need for success. The 1st book in her popular Smart Money Blueprint series was How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: A proven path to money mastery in only 15 minutes a week! Her 2nd book in the series, How to Raise Your Credit Score, shares everything you need to know to do that — even if, worst case, your score is in the OMG-I-wish-there-was-a-convenient-hole-in-the-ground-for-me-to-hide-in zone. The 3rd book in that series, How to Be Debt Free, will show you a time-tested, straightforward strategy for getting rid of debt using a simple, step-by-step plan that anyone can follow.

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