Arthur Jones

Founder at The Art of Standing Out - Story Lab

Expert Credentials

25 years sales experience working with Forbes 2000 class of customers. 10 years as Founder - The Art of Inbound Marketing & The Art of Standing Out - Story Lab


We help you find and monetize your origin, founder, customer, product and evolution stories. We guide the work required for you to get in touch with the narratives driving you, your industry, marketplace and ideal customers. We facilitate the creation of compelling and effective business strategies that attract, engage and delight your ideal customers. Our Northstar Ideas: Digital Humanism - People before technology The Power of Story - We all live, think and dream in story. Approximately two thousand five hundred years ago a Greek philosopher said "Those that tell the stories rule society" Plato Make Meaning - Our practice is designed to enrich the lives of the business professionals we work with, and ultimately create a more just and caring world. Our team is passionate about helping businesses and business pros find their voice and grow.

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