Arlene Vasquez Washburn

Founder at AVConnexions

Expert Credentials

Science-Based Relationship Expert, and Master Executive Certified Matchmaker


Since 2013 Arlene has trained and consulted for hundreds of matchmakers around the globe. She's traveled through the US, China, Japan, Euro, e and the Caribbean teaching and mentoring singles and other matchmakers. Now she wants to teach you, the single and successful women who are struggling with love and relationships. Arlene understands first-hand how challenging it is to attract the right partner. Facing the same challenges as so many, divorced at age 35, a busy executive working long hours, and a single mother who wanted to teach her daughter a better way. She embarked on a 17-year journey and counting to study and learn from the masters about what it took to have a happy and healthy relationship. After many years of self-discovery, she finally cracked the code for herself. Now, Arlene has made it her life's mission to help one million individuals to regain their confidence, make better partner choices, and to learn how to navigate their relationships so they too can experience their bliss. Arlene is a Master Executive Certified Matchmaker and a Science-Based Relationship Expert. She is the founder of AVConnexions, a boutique matchmaking firm, and Arlene Vasquez Washburn Coaching and Consulting. She's happily married to her soulmate Warren and lives a beautiful life in the country with her two rescue dogs Mason and Marvin.

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