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Expert Credentials

• Serial entrepreneur in several creative businesses. • Lifetime working artist/creative in several media. • 4-Year+ digital nomad running a business while traveling. • Online and remote work expert solo and with teams. • Founder of Arts & Company and the Artapreneurs™ Summit. • Writing a book on authenticity and how to be true to yourself in everything you do.


As a multi-passionate creative, Aris has started businesses or created income in over a dozen different creative disciplines. She’s been paid for live stage performances, voice acting, costume design, hand lettering, graphic design and just about any other creative work she could get her talent on. She has won awards for her writing, singing, illustration, design work and more and has lent her voice to audiobooks, radio commercials and software projects, run her own graphic design and multimedia agency, and co-founded a mobile game startup. Her experiences have let her touch on every aspect of being both a creative and an entrepreneur. She is now focused on helping other creatives live fulfilling lives that allow them the freedom to choose their own paths through entrepreneurship. Through the Artapreneurs Summit, she is bringing together experts from all sides of the subject of creative entrepreneurship to paint a better picture of where artists and creatives have been, what they’re facing now and where they’re going next.

Available For

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