Arika Clark Alejo

CEO | Epic Experience Curator | Life & Leadership Coach| at ThriveEpic

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Epic Experience Curator - helping businesses get their content in front of people through epic learning experiences.


Hi, I’m Arika. I’m on a mission to help people be leaders in their own lives and be happy. So while my official title is founder of ThriveEpic, I like to think of myself as Chief Happiness Officer. I get to spread this message through being a leadership coach, dynamic speaker and epic experience curator. As a Chief Happiness Officer, it’s not all about roses and sunshine or woo woo. It is about people putting their best foot forward and making the best out of their own life. We all have moments that are not great but it’s about overall fulfillment and contentment. Not just taking what life hands you but by embracing it to move you forward. I do this work in two ways. 1. By helping entrepreneurs and professionals reduce the overwhelm and convert their content and ideas into epic learning experiences such as: courses, retreats, summits, workshops, etc. 2. Helping people and organization get unstuck and thrive forward so they reduce overwhelm, build relationships, and be more productive. Additional highlights of my career: Entrepreneur for 20 years Owned and operated 2 companies Holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education Created dozens of online and in-person programs Taught English abroad

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