Arik Abel

Innovation Strategy & GTM Lead at Lenovo

Expert Credentials

Founder, Design Thinking @ Lenovo. 2019 Program of the Year - Product Management (Sirius Decisions). Creator of Airstack.


Arik Abel hasn't always been applying human-centered design to product development strategy and customer experience, or using systems thinking for business design and transformation. Oh no. Formerly a sound engineer for a rock band, creator and host of an online comedy cooking show, guerrilla documentary producer and failed entrepreneur (twice) - Arik's unique blend of professional and, ahem, extracurricular experiences inspire talks with deep insights into the application of creative problem-solving and innovation to business. Every presentation is custom, and recent topics include applying human-centered design to customer experience, using the fundamentals of improv to drive innovation, or applying systems thinking to maximize "Code to Revenue" and other transformation initiatives.

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