Anneline Breetzke

Owner at Big Splash Social

Expert Credentials

Founder of Big Splash Social (2016) in Mississauga, Creator of form-based HIV/Aids M&E system in South Africa, Author of Train-the-Trainer computer trainer guide, Co-Founder of The Development House (2003), Musician, and Keynote Speaker.


Anneline is a marketing mentor and speaker - being well-received at events in South Africa, Hong Kong, USA and Canada. She started her first business in South Africa in 2003, an IT company that developed custom databases for Small Business, Government and Non-Profits. She was flown to Harvard Medical School twice to install her HIV/Aids vaccination database and created the first paper-based HIV M&E system for the KZN Province. Anneline has a keen eye for seeing the potential in people and businesses. Which is why she knuckled down and studied the fascinating world of Online Marketing! She has helped businesses of all sizes make their voice heard and grow their revenue through Digital Marketing. Her business, Big Splash Social, is an integrated marketing consultancy that serves clients through marketing strategies, social media advertising and Marketing Automation Platforms.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
  • Podcast Guests
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