Annabel Kaye

KoffeeKlatch at Irenicon Ltd

Expert Credentials

I love to be ‘live in the room’ with your audience. Despite the legal and HR disciplines that underpin my talks, my style is conversational, entertaining and memorable. I can deliver tailored talks around my themes, or if you have a difficult compliance explanation to make, I will create an amusing and educational talk to match it. For mastermind groups, management teams, client events or full conferences – I adapt to your audience and your event. Your group will be absorbed and entertained as well as informed. I won’t do ‘death by powerpoint’ (though people love my slides – all designed to help your delegates get their ducks in a row). I will tell stories and share scenarios that really help your audience understand what needs to be done.


Celebrating 40 continuous years of being in business in 2020, Annabel has a long and deep experience of helping business owners handle the legal side of connecting with people. In 2009 she created her KoffeeKlatch brand specifically to support the growing gig economy and freelance and outsourced structures. She and her team create contracts and policies and GDPR support for the way we really work today. She lives the life she talks about. She still advises businesses from the smallest to the largest on how to contract and manage their teams and how to create REAL flexibility that doesn’t hurt.

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
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