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I am the founder of We are Lean and Agile. We make CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT easy for YOU We help you develop YOUR capability to deliver IMPROVEMENT in a FASTER, more EFFICIENT, more EFFECTIVE and ENGAGING way. With over 20 years experience of in delivering continuous improvement and lean.


We founded the company when we came across an amazing platform for continuous improvement that wasn’t used in the UK. The aim was to bring productivity tools and techniques to the UK and specifically (at that point) Public Sector. We have a PUBLIC SECTOR ETHOS to deliver QUALITY and VALUE at the RIGHT PRICE. We don’t want to do the work for organisations we want to give the tools techniques and training/coaching to allow you to create SUSTAINABLE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT CAPABILITIES in your ORGANISATION. I have over 20 years Public and Private Sector experience in delivering improvement projects and programmes in change, improvement and technology. Love talking about continuous improvement.

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