Andrew Kumar

Head of Product Development at TELUS, General Assembly

Expert Credentials

Head of Product Development, Digital Platforms @TELUS. Distinguished Instructor and Advisory Board, Product @GA.


Andrew Kumar is a passionate leader of leaders with a strong technical and management background. Andrew has over 15 years of experience in product development, program delivery, practice management, digital transformation, and over 6 years of experience building and leading high-performing team of teams. As a Head of Product Development on the Platform Technology and Strategy group of TELUS, Andrew and his team are currently leading a transformative program around technology stack unification and unlocking digital capabilities. Prior to TELUS, Andrew has spent ~15 years in the Digital Technology and Marketing industry, helping some of the world’s largest companies reimagine how they interact with their customers and manage their businesses in the digital economy. Specific Areas of Expertise: - Platform Development - Software Architecture - API / Microservices - eCommerce - Mobile App Development - Web App Development - Design Systems - DevOps - Personalization, analytics - Experience Design - Performance Marketing and Email - Security, reliability

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